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Mon 23 - Thu 26 March 2020 Porto, Portugal

FINAL DECISION March 14, 19:00 WET

Because the safety and well-being of conference participants is our priority, we decided to not hold the conference on March 23–26, in Porto, Portugal, and therefore the presentations scheduled for March 23–26, in Porto, Portugal, will not take place.

Journal publications are available online and their authors will be invited to present at 2021 in Cambridge, UK.

The 2020 Companion Proceedings (ACM Digital Library) will be available online around May 2020. Workshops and tutorials willing to run virtually should contact us to coordinate and be supported as much as we can—for example, with infrastructure.

<Programming> conferences are not-for-profit events run by volunteers serving the community. Despite the hard work done to cancel on very short notice all contracted services (venue, catering, social events, hotels, flights, etc.), there will be organizational losses that will be underwritten by AOSA, our financial sponsoring organization.

We will refund the registration fees after deducting the specific debit+credit transaction costs associated with the payment used (e.g. wire transfer, credit card, currency), estimated to be between 20 and 60 Euros.

Our registration services will contact each registrant individually, ordered by registration date, to start the refund process. Meanwhile, we kindly ask for your patience in waiting for their contact to confirm eventual additional information needed.

Lastly, a final word from the <Programming> 2020 organizers to express their deepest concern to all affected by COVID-19 worldwide, hoping that the situation is resolved soon and as positively as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

See you at <Programming> 2021!

Ademar, Stefan, Elisa, Chiba, Ankica, Filipe, Hidehiko, Toni, André, Coen, Philipp, Fabio, Tomas, Tobias, Theo, Robert

on behalf of all that worked to make 2020 happen!

2020.Mar.14, 19:00

UPDATE March 9, 12:00 WET

The current health outbreak (COVID-19) is affecting more and more countries worldwide, Portugal included. With 31 cases confirmed, Portugal is in the extended containment phase today (9-March-2020).

Because the safety and well-being of conference participants is our priority, the organizers have been closely monitoring the situation; together with the University of Porto and national health organizations, we are sorry to inform you that we decided today to not hold the conference on March 23–26, in Porto, Portugal. All publications (Journal and ACM Digital Library) will happen as initially planned: same process, and same deadlines.

Over the next few days, we will determine how to run the conference and its co-hosted events (workshops, posters, demos, etc.) — maybe in a new format, with new dates, or jointly with another event in a new venue.

Meanwhile, we kindly ask you to wait for our instructions on how to proceed, namely regarding registrations, rebookings, and eventual refunds. We will consider all cases, one by one, and we promise to try to minimize the impact of this COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Ademar Aguiar

on behalf of all organizers

University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering

2020.Mar.09, 12:00

INITIAL STATEMENT of March 2, updated

<Programming> 2020 organizers would like to express their most profound concern to all participants who are affected by the current health outbreak in their cities and countries, the new Coronavirus Disease 2019, shortly named COVID-19.

The organizers are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves. At this date, there are 13 identified cases of COVID-19, no significant entry restrictions in Portugal, which is in contention-mode.

Before travelling to Porto, Portugal

We want to assure you that the conference will take place, as far as it is under our control, and that we are in touch with the national and international health organizations to provide you with the most up-to-date information about their recommendations regarding disease prevention and treatment.

While in Porto, Portugal

If you are coming from an infected country or travelled to one of them in the last 14 days and feel sick with fever, cough, or have difficulty breathing, you are advised to seek medical care right away. First, you should call +351 808 24 24 24 or 112 to tell the services about your symptoms and recent travel. They will then advise you of the respective protocols.

We sincerely hope that this situation resolves itself soon and that all of you remain healthy.

We look forward to seeing you in Porto!

Ademar Aguiar

on behalf of all organizers

updated on 2020.Mar.06, 20:00